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I Eat Food & am Poor

I have no actual education into the field of culinary arts. My senior year of high school I took like 3 cooking classes as blow-offs. That's about it. I do like to watch videos on YouTube of people making food, usually like after smoking a joint or while running on the treadmill and I tend to do that a lot. I spend most of my money on alcohol and my only income is online sports betting so money is usually pretty tight. Here are some recipes that satiate a hangover while not breaking the budget.

I'm no Guy Fieri so if you got a recipe you think is worthwhile, send it in. I give 100% of credit 55% of the time.

I do what I can for the good of my people. University of Alabama or sum. I'm a guy but my other friend also enjoys eating and stuff. She'll probably post sometimes. 

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